Forged Leaves: Introduction to Organic Forms (6/9)

Forged Leaves: Introduction to Organic Forms (6/9)









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One of the great tricks of blacksmithing is making a non-organic material (steel) look like something living, like a leaf. In this class, students will learn to forge one of the most common organic forms in blacksmithing: the leaf.

During this class, you’ll learn about tapering, isolating, spreading, shaping, and texturing steel, but at a small scale. This class focuses on forging pieces that are closer to jewelry size as compared to many traditional blacksmithing products. As a result, these small pieces present their own set of interesting challenges and specific processes.

This class is intended for intermediate to advanced beginners. Students should have a fair amount of previous blacksmithing experience and grasp the basics of forging. Those with little or zero forging experience might struggle more and need to scale back their expectations. That said, you’ll learn a lot from the additional challenges. Meaning, the complete beginner’s leaves might look a little less “leafy”. All tools and materials are provided.


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