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The Steel Yard studios host artisans of all skill levels to safely learn and practice the industrial arts by providing access to space and tools. Housed at a historic steel fabrication site, craftspeople connect with the processes of ceramics, blacksmithing, jewelry making, welding/fabrication, and the foundry arts. Students, resident artists, public projects artists, volunteers, teachers, and staff work side-by-side, cultivating collaboration and peer learning as they create contemporary works of fine and functional art.

The Steel Yard’s studios can assist you in growing and strengthening your creative industrial art practice. You will work in our 10,000 square foot studio, using community tools and resources. Take an online tour of the studio here!

The Steel Yard is committed to diversity and inclusion. It is the policy of the Steel Yard that there shall be no discrimination with respect to the selection of the artist in residence because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical limitations or military status.

Read our Studio Safety Policies here.


The Steel Yard supports ceramicists working both on and off the wheel. Ceramics studios run primarily cone-6 kilns with the opportunity for occasional cone-10 firings in our anagama wood kiln or soda kiln. 

Equipment List
  • 2 – 1227 Skutt cone 10 kilns
  • 1027 Skutt kiln with digital controller
  • Skutt glaze-tech test kiln cone 10
  • 1- Brent classic
  • 1- Brent model 16 ADA accessible potters wheel
  • 6 – Shimpo RK Whisper potters wheel
  • Manual slab roller
  • Manual extruder w/ varius dies
  • Peter Pugger De-airing pug mill
  • Various sized pottery bats for wheel and hand working
  • Wet vac with HEPA filter
  • 10 banding wheels
  • 2 dedicated hand working tables, one stainless steel for plaster work
  • Glaze making facilities with scales, sieves, and measuring tools
  • Custom Built wood/gas soda kiln
  • Wood fired anagama kiln
  • Raku Kiln, PPE, and tools


The Steel Yard supports light metals artists working towards the creation of wearable art, jewelry projects, sheet metal forming, vessel making, enameling, repoussé work and more.  

Equipment List
  • 9 – Jewelers benches each with a dedicated flex shaft and stocked with standard tool sets.
  • 2- Acetylene torches
  • 2- Mini Oxy acetylene torch
  • 36” Jump shear
  • Full size buffer/polisher
  • Manual notcher
  • 2 Jewelry sized  drill press
  • 2 – Vcella enamel kilns
  • Wax working tools
  • Chasing and repoussé tools
  • Various hammers
  • Mini belt sander
  • Flex shaft accessories and hammer handpiece
  • Patina/pickle station
  • Hydraulic press
  • Tumbler
  • Roller – flats, half round, square


The Steel Yard supports artists working in ferrous metals: foundry artists, blacksmiths, and welders.

Equipment List
  • 5 Mig Welders- all miller 212,210, 252
  • 3-Miller Syncrowave Tig/Stick welders
  • Miller spectrum Xtreme 625 Plasma Cutter
  • Diversitech Downdraft table 2’X4’
  • Diversitech Fred Jr. Fume extractor
  • Dewalt Abrasive chop saw
  • Ellis 1600 Mitering Band Saw
  • 4- Metabao 4 ½” angle grinders
  • Milwaukee Porta band saw
  • Metabo Die grinder
  • Pneumatic Dyna file
  • Drill Press Dayton 20”
  • Drill press Walker-Turner model 1112-2
  • Various drill bits from  1/16”  to ¾” 
  • Baileigh combination sander 10” disc 6”x48” belt
  • Slip roller 16g 48” capacity
  • Super bead roller with various dies 18G
  • 20” wide Metal hemming machine maximum 1’’ hem
  • 24” Pexto bending break
  • Shop outfitters #338 pedestal ring roller
  • 30” 20G capacity manual jump shear
  • Central machinery English wheel
  • Heck tools Manual Pipe notcher ¾”,1”, 1 ½” capacity
  • Beverly shear throatless 3/16” capacity
  • 2 harris oxy acetylene torch set ups with cutting and bending consumables
  • 1 Smith torch saver oxy acetylene setup
  • Torch cutting tables, Welding tables, Tables with vises and stand alone vises
  • Tape measures, levels, Angle finders, slide rulers, Squares, magnet squares
  • Vise grips, pliers, Screw drivers, C-clamps, F-clamps, hand shears


The Steel Yard supports artists working in ferrous metals: foundry artists, blacksmiths, and welders. 

Equipment List
  • 3 Coal forges
  • 2 Propane forge
  • Champion No 1 25lb Power hammer
  • Grizzly Model 61015 2”x48” belt sander
  • 6 anvils
  • 4 leg vises
  • Various Hammers, mallets, and tongs
  • Assorted files
  • Assorted hammering stakes
  • Pliers, vice grips
  • Punches, chisels, hacksaws


The Steel Yard supports artists working in the foundry arts in our outdoor casting facility.

Equipment List
  • 2 40 foot long shipping containers for fabrication and storage.
  • Hoss:  Iron melting Tilt furnace. Can melt 600 lbs of iron every 20 min.
  • 2- Propane fired crucible furnaces for melting bronze and aluminum for #60 crucible
  • Outdoor sand pit with a moveable gantry crane
  • Electric and manual chain falls
  • Fiber frax ladles from 10 lbs to 100lbs
  • Skimmers, Pokers, tongs
  • Sand mixer for resin-bonded sand mold making
  • Yale forklift
  • Chain falls
  • Gantry cranes 
  • 4×4 pickup truck and trailer