The Steel Yard is committed to diversity and inclusion. It is the policy of the Steel Yard that there shall be no discrimination with respect to race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical limitations, or military status. Lived life experience will be considered over degrees; Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are strongly encouraged to apply. Read our DEI & Anti-Racism Statement here.


The Steel Yard’s Residency Program is designed to assist emerging to mid-level artists in growing and strengthening their art practice in a supportive, cooperative environment through access to the Steel Yard’s studios and facilities. Participating artists have the opportunity to work together, to take part in community events and sales and to be creative leaders in a vibrant community shop. Most of all, residents get an all access pass to our studios in pursuit of their own work.

The Residency Coordinator supports The Steel Yard’s Residency Program and the artist participants. They will ensure the everyday smooth functioning of the program and be responsive to the needs of applicants and participants. They facilitate the creative development of emerging and mid career artists, while also crafting meaningful community engagement opportunities to highlight resident talent.

For the full job description, please click here. In order to be considered for this position, applications must be submitted by 5PM EST on July 22, 2024.


The Steel Yard’s Public Projects department works directly with municipalities, neighborhood organizations, businesses and nonprofits to produce public art and creative artistic functional amenities that are accessible to everyone.

We support the arts economy by contracting independent artists to design and fabricate locally inspired custom products. We seek folks who problem solve creatively, work well and independently in a shared industrial shop, meet deadlines, and produce quality, long-lasting work. All work is performed in our fully equipped industrial arts shop.

Most projects require the following skills: Welding, Metal Fabrication, Design

The artist is paid by project as a contractor and not an employee of The Steel Yard. Payment is typically dispersed as a lump sum, but you can estimate $20.00 to $27.50/hour depending on experience, with room to adjust as your skills grow.

Please read the FAQ before applying.

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Steel Yard courses aim to give community members exposure to a range of industrial art forms in a safe, fun, welcoming, and creative environment. Interested artist instructors must have proven experience in their medium and teaching. This includes understanding the process, ability to see a project through, correct and safe use of equipment, and ability to give clear directions to students of different ages with varying levels of experience and learning skills.

The Steel Yard seeks experienced artists to teach community courses in blacksmithing, welding, ceramics, jewelry, and iron casting. Instructors are needed for introductory, advanced, and project-based courses; new course ideas are welcomed. Courses run all year round and include weekend workshops, single-night events, and multi-week classes. Compensation is $27.50/hour , with pay made for contact teaching & prep hours.

For consideration, please submit an application here.