The Steel Yard’s historic campus is a platform for professional artists, makers, and the community to practice and learn the industrial arts. The organization fosters creative and economic opportunities, by providing workspace, tools, training, and education while forging lasting links to a local tradition of craftsmanship.


We believe in a world still made by hands, where individuals, neighbors, businesses, institutions, municipalities, and communities, come together to experience the creative process in order to enrich our private lives and public spaces.


At the Steel Yard, we believe:

  • Mentorship and education, based on mutual exchange, can provide opportunities for financial and ideological independence and strong, stable support networks 
  • It is our responsibility to understand the environmental impact of our programs and operations to make the most sustainable choices
  • Each member of our community interacts with The Yard in unique ways. They are “Yardies,” stewards and champions of our creative spaces and spirit
  • Anyone can create, and through the act of creation, one can develop a deep appreciation for art, craftsmanship and their personal expressive voice 
  • Wealth redistribution (philanthropy) is necessary to provide scholarships, subsidies, free and low-cost activities, stipends, fellowships and operational support 
  • Creative collaborations have an innate cultural and economic value, cultural workers must be financially compensated for their work, knowledge and experience
  • Historic preservation, reclamation, and revitalization grounds us, and connects us to the past. We are stewards of a future that recognizes history and aims to continue growing as we learn 
  • There is great value in sharing knowledge openly across disciplines, generations, and diverse traditions, cultures and life experiences
  • Everyone deserves access to the education, skills, and equipment needed to directly improve their conditions and community
  • As a place-based organization we are responsible for addressing (fundamental) needs and inequities in our community, locally, regionally and nationally
  • Our neighbors and community members have their own wisdom and can guide us with their feedback and collaboration. We nourish each other’s wisdom and continue to learn and grow everyday from our interactions
  • Accessibility is ongoing work, and we must identify and eliminate barriers to full participation in the Fire Arts, for all members of our community
  • The future of the industrial arts will be more diverse than today. We will actively recruit, support and collaborate with members of the QT-BIPOC community at every level of our organization