Educational Partnerships

Customized curriculums and special opportunities

Individuals, schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses are invited to work with The Steel Yard to create a unique Educational Partnership. Educational Partnerships feature a workshop or class with a curriculum customized to meet your goals, and enrollment is exclusive to your group. Whether you’re a family who wants to learn to weld together on a weekend,  a group of friends who want to delve into ceramics for a couple of evenings a week, or a high school that wants a special program for juniors to experience blacksmithing in the summer, we’re here to help you make that happen.

We are currently accepting requests for partnerships to run in fall of 2024. Please note that we generally require 6 months lead time to design a program.


Typically we require at least 6 months of lead time prior to the start of a program.
We can serve ages 14 and up.
Hands-on experiences have a max capacity of 6-10, depending on department.
This information helps us to determine the scope of possibilities for the program. Please note that we subsidize the cost of all programs to provide a fair cost to partners and to compensate our educators fairly.