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Wood firing, soda firing, saggar firing, and more! Join us for a celebration of fire when we create works designed for various atmospheric firings. From learning the intricacies of these firing methods to creating works suitable for theses environments, we will explore a host of making techniques. Special attention will be paid to surface treatment and surface design such as the use of flashing slips, washes, decorative slips, glaze layering, and clay choice. We will work collaboratively to have an experimental saggar firing as well as a wood/soda firing here at the Steel Yard!

The first five weeks of class will host a variety of demonstrations related to forms suitable for these firing methods… forms like mugs, cups, vases, covered jars, small sculptures and much more. These demonstrations will allow for every students to approach their work with new ideas and materials. Weeks 6 and 7 will be for our experimental saggar firing. Weeks 8, 9, and 10 will push towards our wood/soda firing. We will need ample work to fill the kiln and a dedicated class to fire, so we ask that all those interested are capable of creating a variety of work and able to handle tasks related to firing as a team.

Please note that the soda firing is an all day experience that will take place the weekend of 10/12 & 10/13. 


All enrollments are subject to our REGISTRATION & ENROLLMENT POLICIES.


SCHOLARSHIPS applications are available for students who may not otherwise be able to enroll in a course.  Additionally, standing sliding scale scholarships exist for QT/BIPOC students.