Yardies at SLOSS!

Earlier this month we sent our Studio Director Ben and Studio Assistant Michelle down to the 2019 National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art & Practices. This is a biennial convergence of students, educators, academics, and professionals dedicated to exploring AND advancing cast iron as an art medium. The conference takes place in Birmingham, Alabama with the breathtaking National Historic Landmark, Sloss FurnaceSas it’s center. 

Ironmaking is Birmingham’s history. The industry was booming for over 90 years in this area rich with iron ore, limestone and coal. The heart of the Sloss Operation was a pair a HUGE, seriously, huge, large blast furnaces that workers would turn these materials into pig iron. For these reasons, it comes as no surprise that hundreds of ironmaking enthusiasts from all over the country flock to this area for the conference and you know, MELT IRON. 

Sloss included production and performance iron pours…. fire dancing, bonfires and more. Artists/makers engaged in bartering markets, panels, presentations, and of course some pretty excellent parties. 

“I’m excited to take what we learned at SLOSS and apply it the Steel Yard’s annual Halloween Iron Pour,” said Studio Assistant, Michelle. “The whole conference was invigorating and we’re definitely apart of the current Iron Renaissance…”

“Now, I’m convinced it’s time we bring HOSS to SLOSS next year and really show everyone what the Steel Yard is all about.” Said Studio Manager, Ben. 

The Steel Yard is excited for future collaboration with the artists, makers, and educators that we encountered in the adventure and of course, look forward to providing one of the BEST Iron Pours in New England at our annual fundraising event this October. 

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