We’re donating N95 Respirators

We’re donating N95 Respirators

The Steel Yard will be donating PPE to local medical facilities

The same n95 respirator masks we utilize here in the Studio are used and needed by the medical industry. The Steel Yard will be donating our supply of respirators to the local medical facilities. Air quality is incredibly important to industrial artists and medical professionals and we are glad that we can share equipment during this time.

In the past, we relied on n95 masks for clean air filtration. Over the years The Steel Yard has installed fume extractors throughout the studio to create a safer and cleaner environment for our community to work in and we rely less on these specific types of respirators.

Do you have resources to share? Lifespan, as well as other groups, are accepting donations of brand new, not worn, personal protective equipment; specifically:

  • Rated masks (N95)
  • Procedural and surgical masks
  • Face shields
  • Goggles 
  • Isolation gowns

Learn more about what, how and where to drop off your donations here.

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