Weld to Work & Children’s Friend

Last Friday, we welcomed 5 new Weld to Work graduates to our awesome community of Workforce alums. This session we partnered with Children’s Friend and had the honor of working for one full week with this amazing and talented cohort. The team fabricated the additional benches for the Dexter Park Chess Table. You could tell these this group was ready to weld the moment they walked in and at Graduation we sat and talked about which tools they enjoyed working with the best. Spoiler Alert! Grinding. Congratulations team, you all rock!

Children’s Friend is aA non-profit organization founded in 1834, and is a leading provider of child welfare, family support, mental health, and youth development services.
They believe that providing comprehensive and effective services to vulnerable young children is not only a moral obligation but also a prudent financial investment for society to make.

Across Rhode Island, our Children’s Friend provides services to help over 31,488 individuals annually.

Can we talk about how radical-awesome-cool the Weld-to-Work(ers) are. But, like seriously. The Steel Yard has been able to hire back four out of the seven graduates from our the W2W ’17 Spring session as Teaching Assistants, Studio Monitors, and Public Project Fabricators. Weld to Work’s family just keeps getting bigger and we can’t wait for the next session.

Sidebar: Weld to Work is still accepting applications for upcoming programs to run throughout August and September! Up to 32 participants will learn and practice welding and fabrication skills on important and unique projects to improve Rhode Island communities! For more details, including qualifications and the application go here!

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