Halloween Iron Pour 2017: Recap & Photos!

Halloween Iron Pour 2017: Photo Credit: James Lastowski

Nearly 1,600 individuals and families attended the Steel Yard’s largest fundraiser of the year, the 12th Annual Halloween Iron Pour on Saturday evening, October 21. Guests were rallied by Howie Sneider, Executive Director, with what sounded like a battle cry “You say Iron! We Say Fire!” before a creepy set of phenomenally crafted art sculptures were set ablaze on the outdoor campus hill.

Over the past 6 months, our staff and an outstanding crew of volunteers, in collaboration with the MassArt Iron Corps, were lead by the Steel Yard’s Studio Assistant and Iron Pour Creative Director, Michelle Raccone, to create one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles the yard has ever seen. The team constructed a 20-foot tall Angler Fish with glowing molten-iron eye, a walking crab speared by a red-hot trident, a flaming sea serpent, and under the sea volcanoes that sputtered and splashed fire and lava (to name just a few of the amazing objects!). The fantastical display of Fire Arts was accompanied by the eerie and haunting musical stylings of our returning musical champions Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores.

To say the Pour crew lit up the Olneyville Valley would be an understatement.

In addition to the Pour, guests huddled closely to witness amazing live musical performances by the Eastern Medicine Singers and a captivating and mesmerizing fire dance performance by the FireFly Caravan. As well as our always groovy DJ’s Unkle Thirsty, lighting extraordinaire and DJ Studs Jerkel

The beer was flowing thanks to the generously donated bar provided by Revival Brewing Company. Our bellies were full thanks to our amazing partners over at Julians, Laughing Gorilla, Boru BBQ and Friskie Fries.

On behalf of the Steel Yard staff & board we’d just like to thank:
-ALL of these amazing entertainers,
-the phenomenally generous vendors,
-the MassArts Iron Corps (you totally turned it out)
-the Pour Crew of our dreams,
-every single volunteer who helped make this event happen (we couldn’t do it without you!)
-MICHELLE RACCONE, for designing and spearheading one of the best events the Steel Yard has ever organized
-Our super cool Photographers James Lastowski & Rob Houllahan for being the eyes of the Steel Yard
-Our super amazing sponsors, AAA Southeastern New England, BankRI, The Dean, Rhode Island School of Design, Fire Tower Engineered Timber, Unkle Thirsty, and Holliston Sand.
Bentley Foundation, City of Providence, Cross Insurance, (The) Dean, GrowthLab, Revival Brewing Co., RI State Council on the Arts, Tellart
-AND YOU! for purchasing your ticket, waiting patiently in line, and believing in and loving the fire arts as much as we do.

We can’t wait until next year. See you then 🙂
Check out the amazing rest of the amazing photos by James Lastowski from the Iron Pour here!

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