Fire Camp 2017: Biggest in History!

Fire Camp: Biggest in History!

June 24th, The 5th Annual Fire Camp: Festival of the Fire Arts was the largest Fire Camp in Steel Yard history, raising over $5,000 to support our programs including courses, residencies, public projects and Weld to Work! What began with rain and uncertainty ended with sunshine and celebration!  Close to 600 friends, neighbors, yardies and newbies flocked the Yard to experience the magic of the industrial arts first hand!

Fire Camp is one of our signature staple events here at the Yard. The event is always free, always family friendly and designed to show people what we do best. Guests were invited to engage in three different types of making for the afternoon- Raku Pots, Iron Tiles and Steel Plates and the opportunity to walk away with something unique and personal. (Some Iron Tiles and Steel Plates are still here in the office ready for pick-up, please contact our office if you need to arrange pick up!)
In addition to creating their own work, guests walked through the Yard and were able to wittness live demonstrations MIG welding, TIG welding, plasma cutting, blacksmithing, jewelry & ceramics. Crowds were constantly huddled around our Haus Furnace that was pouring molten iron into tile molds all afternoon!

Fire Camp goers got to experience something very special this year! In addition to our wonderful Yardie tune master & MC DJ Unkle Thirsty we had super wonderful performances by the Eastern Medicine Singers, an Algonquin language eastern styled drum group dedicated to preserving the eastern woodlands music as well as West African drum performances courtesy of Blackout & Karisma. Then to close out the night we were so excited for the return of Extraordinary Rendition Band who took Fire Camp by storm!

Thank you to all of our amazing vendors who kept us fed and hydrated throughout the day Picnic, Sazon Bandit, Presto Strango, and to Revival Brewing Company for donating the the Yardie Beer Bar!

Close to 50 individuals helped set up, run demonstrations, make sales, create work and clean up. It was definitely a community effort and we’re so thankful to everyone who came and showed their support. Interested in Volunteering at the Yard for events like Fire Camp and more, go here!

Fire Camp 2017 was made possible by our amazing friends over at RISCA, Kite, Horsley Witten Group, Cox, Whole Foods Market and Holliston Sand. Thank you!

Check out the rest of the amazing photos from the day here!

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