Course Update

“What’s up with Courses?”


We’ve heard your calls and excitement to get back into our studios, and are excited to let you know that courses will be starting soon! Courses will be returning the week of September 14th, with many changes made to encourage safety during COVID-19. 

The Course Catalog will go live on Monday, August 24th at 12:00 PM, so mark your calendars!


To allow for more flexibility and resilience in our course offerings, we will not be offering multi-week courses. Rather, all courses will be one-night, 3-hour workshops, that will fall under one of two categories:

Skills Classes: focused on a specific skill (i.e., plasma cutting, wheel throwing, tapering, sawing, etc.)

  • An example might be a single night metals course focused on just plasma cutting, or a jewelry workshop purely on jump ring chains

Taster Classes: project-based introductory courses, providing a survey of skills, ideal for students new to the media

  • Examples of such courses taught in the past include: Forge Your Own Bottle Opener, Steel Candlesticks, Ready Set Throw!, and Forged Earrings

For students looking to recreate the experience of having a multi-week course, we will provide suggestions for a sequence of Skills Classes that would dovetail to provide a deeper experience in the shop.


  • Any person entering the studio must use the main lobby entrance
  • All staff, artists, and visitors will be required to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the studios. This means wearing a mask or face covering (ex. N95, cloth mask, bandana, scarf, etc.), and eye protection.
  • There will be a sanitizing station and sign-in station upon entrance to the lobby.
  • Follow the Five: Stay home when you can, keep a safe distance, wash hands often, cover your cough. And, if you’re not feeling well call ahead, and don’t come in if you aren’t sure.


  • We will be sanitizing all common surfaces and touchpoints on a daily basis 2 times per day (door handles, knobs, switches, bathrooms, etc.)
  • There will be sanitizer and paper towel stations available throughout the main office building and in all studios.
  • There will be increased signage and instructions added throughout the main office building and studio with suggestions and new information about procedures regarding Covid-19.


  • Upon entrance to the lobby any visitor, artist, or staff will be presented with a sanitizing station; all persons entering the studio must use hand sanitizer provided.
  • Studio users must sign in every time you are entering the studio for the day


  • PPE will be required at all times.
  • All persons in the studio are required to practice social distancing – staying 6 ft apart whenever possible.
  • There will be clearly marked social distancing reminders in the shop.
  • All persons are required to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.
  • All persons working in the shop are encouraged to not touch your face (nose, mouth, and ears) to help stop the spread of germs.
  • Shared tools will be sanitized after use by the user. Sanitizer is provided in each shop (ex. drill press, stand up sander, bandsaw, table vise, welder, kick-wheel, pugmill, etc.)
  • If you start to feel sick while at work or in the studio go home immediately.
  • If you are sick or come in contact with someone sick we ask that you stay home.


All enrollments are subject to our REGISTRATION & ENROLLMENT POLICIES. Notable changes to accommodate the uncertainty during the current pandemic include the following adjustments to our policies:

  • Students may withdraw from a course without penalty within 5 days prior to the start of the course. 
  • Exceptions will be made for students impacted by COVID-19; in which case, last-minute withdrawals will be accommodated with documentation of a COVID-19 test (confirmation of appointment) for the student or their household member. 
  • For any cancellation of a paid course, students can expect to receive a full refund, less a $5 processing fee, to their original method of payment. Please allow for 10 business days before the refund is reflected on your account.


New students can gain Community Studio Access after completing 6 hours of courses within a given studio. Registration for can be completed on our website, under COMMUNITY STUDIO ACCESS

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