Clay & Metals at Summer Camp 2018!

This summer we hosted another fabulous weeklong Summer Camp Program for young folks ages 14 to 18. We had 14 kids total from all over the country attend Camp Metalhead and Camp Clayhead. This year’s Summer camps were made possible by the City of Providence- Dexter Donation Trust, and Seven Stars Bakery 

The Summer Camps were facilitated by mIKE White (Metals), Jane Dillon (Ceramics). This phenomenal duo spent the week with some fast learning and ambitious students exploring the fire arts and assisting them creating their own personal projects. On graduation day- students, instructors, parents and staff gathered together to take show each other what they all were able to accomplish in just 5 including a TON of armor and tools, pots, plats, and you know… just a couple swords. 

Our students in Camp Metal Head spent the week ripping through steel with gas torches and fusing them back together with a 10,000° electrical arc! Each student was introduced and was able to experiment with the MIG welder, the oxygen-acetylene torch, various metal saws, and grinders to heat, cut, join, bend, and polish steel. 

In the Ceramics Studio we had one of the largest classes plugging away, spinning pots and cups and exploring the myriad techniques lead by Jane Dillon. Camp Clayhead students explored both hand building and wheel throwing processes and were instructed on a new technique each day.

In addition to walking away with some pretty rad skills and new friends, every student who went through the three programs now qualify for our Open Studios here at the Yard, FREE OF CHARGE! Open Studio participants have access to the same tools and equipment we use in welding, blacksmithing, and jewelry classes; including MIG welders, ARC welders, use of the forges and blacksmithing tools, oxyacetylene torches, grinders, a metal chop saw, horizontal band saw, and many small hand tools.

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