The Champlin Foundation gives the Blacksmith & Jewelry studios a make-over!

A generous grant from the Champlin Foundation has helped to renovate and upgrade our
Blacksmithing and Jewelry studios! Both Blacksmithing and Jewelry are significant, traditional and celebrated creative programs at the Steel Yard. . .but our studios sure were in need of a re- do! Champlin’s gift is a significant part of the impending restoration of our historic studios that will include electrical and mechanical upgrades, the addition of heating systems, lighting and new work stations. Both studios are used by local artists for their own professional practice, and to teach courses in each discipline for the community.

Thanks to the Champlin Foundation:
-Eight brand new jewelry benches have been set-up in Jewelry
-We purchased six Picard hammers of different sizes and shapes with hickory handles (
ranging from 2 1/2 to 5 lbs) , hot cut hardy tools for cutting, and various new tongs for the blacksmithing shop. 
-We’re also well underway to having a brand new custom made double gas forge!

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