Children’s Friend at the Yard


Children’s Friend RETURNS TO THE YARD & completes Weld-to-Work

January 2020, seven absolutely phenomenal Dads completed the 35-hour paid job training program at The Steel Yard, Weld to Work. By the end of the week, the team completed a beautiful Public Project, the ‘STUDIO ENTRANCE’ sign. The sign will be installed here at the Yard to help visitors locate our new and ADA accessible entrance (once this thing is painted, it’s gonna be gorgeous!)

Back to the Dads! Children’s Friend is a non-profit organization and provider of child welfare, family support, mental health, and youth development services. Children’s Friend believes that providing comprehensive and effective services to vulnerable young children is not only a moral obligation but also a prudent financial investment for society to make. 

Across Rhode Island, our Children’s Friend provides services to help over 31,488 individuals annually!

The Dads spent the week with us, every day to learn and practice team-work, and proper safety in an industrial shop. The program focuses on learning/demonstrating proficiency using metalworking tools and techniques! The team learned how to properly us MIG Welders, plasma cutters, torches, angle grinders, etc!

Thank you and good luck to all the Dads on their next adventure! Thank you to W2W Instructor Charlie Corley and our John Nguyen- for being great leaders, teachers, friends, and mentors.

If you would like to partner with The Steel Yard for an Educational Partnership, feel free to reach out!

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