Art Market July



Join us this Saturday, June 3rd, at The Steel Yard for the second Art Markets of the season featuring local artists and artisans! The market is free to attend and open to the public between 10 AM – 3 PM. The Steel Yard is located at 27 Sims Avenue Providence, RI 0290

Laura White-Carpenter
Ceramic hand-built and thrown functional items (planters mostly but cups with naughty sayings on them too – if I am good enough by then) and super hip sea glass and found glass suncatchers. NOT YOUR GRANDMA’s SEAGLASS
K-Zao Studio / Bao Nguyen
I will be presenting our summer capsule collection of handmade garments. The collection features samples for our bespoke tailoring practices, including jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, and shorts. All garments are handmade individually in our studio on Hope Street, using premium and/or dead-stock natural fiber, with extensive handwork and natural dye.
JB Fireworks!
Handmade glass and laser-cut textile jewelry (I sculpt glass with torches and laser-cut textiles myself.)
Tom Hubbard
Rum cups, flasks, old timey cans, slab sculptures
Boulevard Glass / Jessica Jackson
Stained glass items, mainly earrings, necklaces. Window stained glass suncatchers and small stained glass art decor items.
TurtleBeatsRabbit / Chungsil Gwon
I will be selling environmentally friendly handmade drink sleeves/carriers that fit most if not all common coffee cups. Sleeves are re-usable, with a removable insulated insert that keeps drinks hot or cold longer in style. I use various fabrics and patterns for the sleeves and some are hand embroidered on solid color fabric.
Jenn Deleon
I am a local henna tattoo artist with 8 years of experience. Freehand designs. 100% vegan henna, perfect for any age. Always add gems to every design, tattoos last over a week or 2 depending on care. Also, make handmade jewelry
Kate Martin Jewelry
I sell one-of-a-kind hand-crafted earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings. My primary medium is sterling silver, and I also incorporate copper, bronze, and brass for accents. I love creating sterling silver ear wires, hammering and forming mixed metal earrings, bracelets, and necklace pieces to achieve high-end designs. I use many techniques including etching, lost wax casting, and roller-pressed textures. Some of my best sellers are enameled avocado earrings/pendants and butterflies, mixed-metal cairns and taco earrings as well as reversible enamel earrings.
Kan’s Arts
Original acrylic paintings, painted by me (Kans Arts). Some work was created with multiple mediums such as oil paint and sketches utilizing pencil.
Jenny Rachel Sparks
Handmade woodfired ceramic pottery and jewelry.
Marita Torbick
Sculpture, paintings, and drawings.

Rachael Higham
A collection of stoneware pottery ranging from functional to decorative. My pottery is inspired by nature either through shape, texture, glaze, or purpose. All pottery is food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven safe. The majority of the pieces are bowls, but there are also mugs, platters, planters, wind chimes, vases, water fountains, and candle holders. There is a combination of both hand-built and wheel thrown pieces and a variety of clay bodies.

Paola Gonzalez
I will be selling original artwork on canvas. I work abstractly with colors and shapes to create vibrant pieces of art. I will also be selling pots, vases, and glass wear hand-painted by me.

Public llc
– clothing
– prints
– functional art

Mike Knives
Screen printed glow in the dark hoodies, cloaks, T-shirts, masks, and plush sculptures

Henry Robinson
I will be selling limited series and one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces including pottery and sculpture. I will also be selling hand-carved wooden spoons and bowls.

Reforged Finds
We take vintage silverware and turn it into rings and necklaces as well as bracelets

Liz Welch
wheel thrown ceramics!

Nicholson File Art Studios
We will be selling handmade one-of-a-kind ceramics, prints, textiles, and welded steel sculptures.

Maxime Lefebvre
I will be selling prints (silkscreens and lithos) as well as ceramic vessels and cups

Kailey Robinson
I make copper flowers! I also create jewelry with copper and other fine metals and stones. My work is mainly based on nature and animals. Most of my work is fantasy-related and whimsical!

Jane Dillon Ceramics
I’ll be selling candlesticks, bowls, cups, plates, baskets, jars, tulipieres, tablecloths, flowerpots, and drawings.
From red terracotta through white porcelain through toasty stoneware, fired in the Steel Yard kiln.

The Felted Grove
I am a local needle-felt artist that makes handcrafted figures of wizards, witches, fairies, fairy houses, and more! Thank you for your consideration!

Ashley Schwebel
I make handmade concrete jewelry in a variety of styles, shapes and colors, some with embedded semi-precious stones for truly unique pieces. In addition, in 2020 I started making and selling a new line of laser cut acrylic jewelry and accessories.

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