2018 Steel Yard Residency: Join a community of artists & makers

The time is NOW folks! Get your applications submitted and join the Steel Yard’s 2018 Residency Program cohort! The program is designed around YOU, to strengthen your art/craft practice in a supportive, cooperative (and don’t forget fun) environment through 24/7 access to the Steel Yard’s studios and facilities. You’ll be part of a team of working artists and have access to a TON of super rad community events.  

“My skill level has definitely increased and, given what I’ve been able to achieve, feel more confident about the prospect of selling my work. The ability to work with others and learn from them has been extremely helpful and kept me on the road to continue my practice.”


The studio
The Steel Yard hosts Residency opportunities in Ceramics, Light Metals (Jewelry and metal forming), and Metals (Foundry, Blacksmithing, and Welding). 

What you get
All residencies include access to shared studios and tools along with personal storage space. Residents receive reduced rates for ALL courses available at the Yard.  We encourage you to take a class, teach a class, and try something new! Another cool perk- thousands of folks come to the Yard each year to attend events, Residents have the opportunity to sell/promote their work. 

What it costs
Residency fee is $1,000 annually or 8 monthly payments of $125. 

The Residency Programs run from April 1st – December 1st.

How to applyRead and review the Residency Program Handbook (pdf) for complete guidelines & expectations. Complete application form and submit current resume and 10 digital images of current work ( Standard format JPG at 1920×1920 pixels @ 72dpi)

Click here to apply.
Application Deadline
The deadline for application has been extended to February 15th. Applicants will be notified no later than March 1st. Midseason applicants will be considered if space is available; with RSVP’s made within 30 days from the receipt of the applications.

Here’s what some of our past residents had to say about the program:

“It was great to be working with so many different people and to be influenced by their creativity”

“For me, just having an art practice is new. My time as a Resident allowed me to embrace this new role.”

“I got to speak with artists from other departments. One Artist from metals brought me some really cool springs for a piece that I was working on and another artist from public projects collaborated with by making a wooden lid for one of my pots. This was really great to have other artists to work with.”

“I find that taking classes pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenges me to try new things.”

“I think the Steel Yard is a wonderful environment for artists to grow and build new ideas and work. The light in the space is incredible.” 

Here’s the rest of the deets & nitty gritty:


  • One red rolling rack for personal storage – 48 sq. feet of shelf storage
  • 3 firings per month, each additional firing is $30
  • Contribute 5 hours each month to the overall health and well-being of the studio
  • The Steel Yard supports ceramics artists working both on and off the wheel. Artists working in this department will have 24-hour access to a fully outfitted ceramics studio. Ceramics studios run primarily cone-6 kilns with the opportunity for occasional cone-10 firings in our anagama wood kiln. Ceramics equipment includes electric and kick wheels, cone-6 electric kilns, slab roller, pug mill, extruder, limited studio glazes, recycled clay and assorted hand tools.

Light Metals

  • A dedicated locker for personal storage, materials, and some consumables will need to be purchased by the Resident
  • Contribute 5 hours each month to the overall health and well-being of the studio
  • The Steel Yard also supports artists working in light metals: jewelers and fabricators. Residents working in this department will have access to a fully outfitted jewelry studio and to tools in the metal department space.
  • Non-ferrous materials can be worked in the jewelry studio, which includes two soldering torches, rolling mill, hydraulic press, drill press, jump shear, and tumbler. Additional hand tools include a variety of hammers, mandrels, punches, dapping sets, etc. These tools can support the creation of jewelry projects, sheet metal forming, vessel making, repousse work and more.


  • A dedicated storage space roughly 48 x 48 on a pallet rack and a locker for personal storage
  • Contribute 5 hours each month to the overall health and well-being of the studio
  • Steel and other personal work materials will need to be independently purchased by the Resident
  • Optional participation in 3-5 Iron Pours per year; iron and other consumables will be billed by weight following each pour
  • The Steel Yard also supports artists working in ferrous metals: foundry artists, blacksmiths, and welders. Residents working in this department will have access to metal department space during non-teaching times, special events, or when the Steel Yard is closed.
  • The Steel Yard primarily casts iron in our custom 600lb capacity tilt furnace. Working as a team, Foundry Residents have the opportunity to fire this furnace multiple times throughout the year to create their own artwork. Available foundry equipment includes everything needed for bonded-sand casting: a large capacity sand muller, CO2 apparatus, foundry safety gear, and various mold making, wax working and pouring tools. In the main studio, artists have access to a coal forge, two atmospheric propane forges, anvils, stakes, vices and hammers, MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutter, Oxy-Acetylene torches, drill press, horizontal band saw, chop saw, and assorted hand tools.

Residency Requirments

Artists/makers accepted into the Steel Yards Residency Program will be required to sign a contract detailing responsibilities, privileges, studio access, and safety procedures for each studio. Residents will also be expected to pay a resident fee for access to the Steel Yard’s studios, and to participate in organizational fundraisers and departmental cleanups. Upon completion of their term, residents should expect to provide the Steel Yard with 5 images of the work created during their term, or as a direct result of their time at the Yard.

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