Tina’s Table

Tina’s Table

Providence, RI

Tina Pedersen & representatives from the City of Providence and The Steel Yard at the unveiling of Tina’s Table at Kennedy Square in downtown Providence.

In late 2021/early 2022 The Steel Yard worked with Tina Pedersen and R.A.M.P. (Real Access Motivates Progress) in order to design and fabricate a custom accessible picnic table for use at public events and sites across the state. The table was designed to look as if each person at the table is sitting in a wheelchair, thereby normalizing wheelchair use and spreading awareness of the importance of accessibility.

Tina’s Tables are available for purchase and are made to order at The Steel Yard!

DATE: May 2022
CUSTOMER: Tina Pedersen/R.A.M.P.
ARTISTS: Layla Farahbakhsh, Ashley LittleJohn, Steve Buduo, Amy Ramos
LOCATION: Throughout Rhode Island

2020, 2021, functional public art, public art, public projects, rhode island, RI Land Trust