Sims Ave Street Closure Kit

Sims Ave Street Closure Kit

Providence, RI

DATE: 2023
CUSTOMER: RI Streets Transformation Grant
ARTISTS: Kendra Plumley, Charlie Corley, Ren Fortier, Miranda Klein, Ti Dinh, Martín Gil DelReal
LOCATION: Providence, RI

Public Projects, Providence Streets Coalition, RI Department of Health, and GrowSmart RI teamed up for a RI Streets Transformation Project: illuminated street closure barriers and modular bike racks for Sims Ave.

The bright pink and orange street closure barriers protected both ends of Sims Ave to attract people to the event, keep everyone safe from car traffic, and illuminate the street. The modular bike racks, which resemble the tall native grasses that can be found along our property on Sims Ave, securely dock 30 bikes.

The amenities in this toolkit are available to anyone seeking to close Sims Ave for events. Bike racks were designed and fabricated by Charlie Corley. Street closure barriers were designed by Kendra Plumley and fabricated by the Public Projects team.

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