Sankofa Medallion Fencing and Gates

Sankofa Community Garden Medallion Fencing and Gates

Providence, RI

DATE: 2022
CUSTOMER: Sankofa Community Garden
ARTISTS: Emma Powers, Margaret Parsons, Kendra Plumley, Amy Ramos, Layla Farahbakhsh, Ren Kelly, PJ Westcott
LOCATION: Providence, RI

In 2022 Public Projects worked with West Elmwood Development Corp. and the Sankofa garden community in order to design, fabricate and install new, custom fencing for three of their community gardens on Sprague Street, Diamond Street and Parade Street. The fencing is a mix of The Steel Yard’s signature “medallion fence” and plain chain link without the medallions. The medallions and gates were designed with the input of the Sankofa community and were galvanized and installed by the Public Projects team.

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