Steel Yard Bike Hitch on East Greenwich Nature Trail

From left, Aaron Lindo of the town Planning Dept.; Ben Lupovitz, Planning Board member and bicycle enthusiast; and Jenny Sparks of The Steel Yard.
Earlier this year in September the East Greenwich Nature Trail, which was years in the making, finally opened to the public and now includes a Steel Yard Bike Hitch. The Hitch was designed and fabricated through our The Steel Yard’s Public Projects department.  The project was made possible through a grant awarded by the People for Bike’s Coalition
The trail begins at the end of the access road that lines playing fields at East Greenwich High School and is used by the school for cross country training and meets as well as the public for general recreation.   “This project will both encourage bicycling as a viable mode of transportation and expose more people to public art,” the Steel Yard’s Public Projects Client Relations Manager, Jenny Sparks. 
East Greenwich’s bright green bike hitch was installed last week near the nature trail head and the town hopes it will see a lot of use.
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