Providence, RI February 4, 2020 – The Steel Yard has launched a brand new website (! Visit us online and register for courses, apply for scholarships, commission public art, buy tickets for our next big event or simply learn more about the history of industrial arts in Rhode Island!

“With over 37,000 visitors to our website annually we knew we had to make some major updates. We finally have a site that looks and feels like you’re walking through The Steel Yard studio and campus,” said Howie Sneider, Executive Director of the Steel Yard. 

If you want to learn, teach, work, volunteer or support the Yard- head on over to the new site and explore all the different tools, resources and ways that you can get involved. Over the past year, we completed a $2.7 Million dollar renovation of our national historic register studios, adding heat and new services throughout the building that will enable us to offer year-round programming and access for the first time. With our increased capacity the old website could just not meet the demands of our community.

Over the past year of development, we partnered with digital architects EXNIHILIO and designer Kiki Sciullo to build this new site from the ground up. Our top priorities for this project are to be accessible, user-friendly, honest, and direct to ensure a smooth experience for all visitors. We couldn’t be happier with the results. 

One of the MAJOR features for the new site is the Course Catalog powered by Woocommerce. You can now browse our entire list of course offerings, custom searches, and register easily right on your mobile devices! We’ve also included a robust portfolio of our Public Projects installed throughout New England- plus all the info you need to commission work for your community! Plus, on the new website, we’ve included completely new programs like the Student Micro-Residency program launched this month.

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