New Urban Arts Celebrates their 20th Anniversary!

Tonight, April 21, 2017, our friends and colleagues at New Urban Arts celebrate their 20th Anniversary! We’d like to thank New Urban Arts for their amazing service to the community providing space and empowering young people to develop creative life-long practices AND find their artistic voices!

The picture above is from last July when the Steel Yard teamed up with an awesome team of young people from New Urban Arts to fabricate panels for the new staircase installation.

The organization will be hosting the ‘Seeing Is Believing’ 20th Anniversary Celebration tonight from 7 pm- 10 pm at 705 Westminster Street, Providence, RI.

We’d like to congratulate Ian Cozzens, Resident Artist in Screen Printing, who will be receiving the Carole Harman Award. Congratulations to MaryClaire Knight, the New Urban Arts Board Chair, who’s receiving the Sandra Olson Award. And to Truth Box Architects receiving the Founder’s Award. Thank you all for your hard work!

Again, thank you New Urban Arts for everything you all do!

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