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Central Falls Trash Cans

Here at the Yard there are a million and one ways to commission work. Let’s talk about Public Projects & Private Requests.

Public Projects 

We are a team of artists who work closely with communities, municipalities, and non-profits to develop, design and produce custom and site specific, functional public art. Public Projects works closely with each client to design products that reflect the communities identity of the communities they’re in.

Proceeds generated from our line of urban furniture help to keep our course fees low and youth programs free.

Public Projects are typically defined as those that benefit the general public in some way. Examples include trash or recycling receptacles for a neighborhood street or park, a public sculpture or decorative fence for a community garden! Over the years the team has created hundreds of projects, check them out here.

Wanna learn more? Read the our Public Projects FAQ

Heard enough and wanna commission your very own Public Projects? Fill out this inquiry form and someone from Public Projects can provide estimates and walk you through the process. REQUEST A PUBLIC PROJECT HERE

Festival Ballet Providence’s Golden Tree, 2015. Isabel Mattia, Holly Popielarz
Bristol Hope Street Trash & Recycling Cans, 2010-2016. Will Reeves, Hillel O’Leary, King Kurleonek, Lee Corley, Mark Ducharme, Alex Wyme, Alaina Mahoney, Nick Tomlin
Empire Plaza Gaurd Rail & Fence, 2009. Kiki Sciullo, Joel Taplin, Nate Nadeau

Private Requests

Private Requests (PRs) function very similarly to Public Projects (PPs) but well, they’re… private! What does that mean, you ask?  Here at the Steel Yard, we strive to make our facilities an accessible resource to our community’s artists and metal workers. Through our Private Requests/Jobs Board, we facilitate the process of private clients commissioning work directly from the local creative community.  

PRs are typically projects that are intended for a private business or home and for which access will be limited.The major difference between Public Projects and Private Requests is that PRs are independent contracts and NOT Steel Yard projects. The information shared will only be used by the Steel Yard to connect you with local artists & fabricators and will not be used for any other purpose. Consultations, deadlines, payments and all other project details are to be negotiated between YOU and the Artist.

Yardies have been commissioned for all sorts of projects! Quick fixes & repairs, long-term employment opportunities, art, ceramics, jewelry, blacksmithing, welding- all sorts of things. We believe artists & makers should be paid for the work they do and our Jobs Board/Private Requests lists is proof that the work is out there!

Do you have work that you want to post to our the Private Requests/ Jobs Board and get connected to hundreds of local artists and makers instantly? Post your Private Request here!
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