Meet Marco Lopez

Meet Marco Lopez, Apprentice

Interview by Jenny Sparks, Client Relations Manager

What’s your name, and could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Marco Lopez (he, him, his), and I’m an ex tattoo artist. Now I wanna get into welding. I did some mechanic work. 

What’s been your favorite thing about this program? 

Welding. Because it’s something I haven’t done before. 

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on? 

The trailer, that we’re gonna put garbage from the river in. I worked on the handrails and some of the details of the waves. (This is the Educational Display trailer that we are making about the dredging of the Providence River and plastic pollution.)

What’s something new that you learned? 


What are your hopes for your future? 

To get a job in construction, building, welding, metalworking. 

Any advice to people who may be interested in this program?

Go for it! and take advantage of it to get in and learn from it! 

Some fun, rapid-fire questions: 

Favorite Food

I’m a difficult person because I don’t do favorites, but I gotta say steak. 

Favorite Book

Don’t like reading!

Favorite Movie

Gangster movies like Goodfellas

Favorite Artist/Maker/Inspiration at the moment

Kat Von D- she’s a tattoo artist 

Favorite tool

welder (hah). 

Anything else you’d like to share with our newsletter readers?

I had a lot of fun and it’s fun to be there with the other artists doing their thing. 

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