COVID-19 & The Steel Yard: Update

COVID-19 & The Steel Yard: Update

A Special Message from Howie Sneider, Executive Director


Thank you to all of you who have reached out, shared your support, crafts, and inspiration during this unsettling time for the Yard. It has kept up our spirits and means the world to our residents, teachers, and staff!

Our closure is a small step to slow the spread of this virus, and we have had no cases at the Yard. But COVID-19 has directly affected the health and lives of many in our community and their families. So our thoughts go with each of them, patients, first responders, and essential businesses as they bravely face each day.

It has also disrupted the access and tools that people depend on here at the Yard. There have been no open studios, no courses, no job-training, and no production work.

There is a reason we say measure twice and cut once. We have used this time to review our policies and prepare the shop for re-entry. We want to get it right for the safety of everyone who comes to the Yard.

Programming will soon return to our site, and you will find a transformed experience in which the Yard serves the educational and professional needs of the community in new ways. Deepening our connection to local partners in health care, food and housing, and expanding our studios to be fully ADA accommodating, so that more of our neighbors and community can come to the Yard to learn and practice the industrial arts.

Programs will come back in phases, but you can count us to put safety first. Please reach out with any of your thoughts or concerns. Consider a donation at this time, if you are able, and join us in crafting the future of the Yard.

Thank you for your patience and partnership.

Stay Safe!


Board of Directors: Jennifer Carnevale, Board Chair, Megan Boyaval, Board Secretary, Frank Previti, Board Treasurer, Damian Ewens, Karen Harris, Colin Murphy, Steve Offiler, Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan, Lee Wesley

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