Built to Blast!

It’s been sitting in the studio for quite some time- unused and unloved… until now. Our Studio Director Ben proudly showed off the repaired, cleaned and now fully functional sandblaster that he and his team and have been working diligently on. 

What’s a sandblaster? This powerful tool can clean paint, rust, and corrosion utilizing high pressure and sand. (It’s like a power washer but instead of water it’s shooting out sand and other gritty materials depending on what you’re working on.)

This tool has the ability to perform finer grit applications too! Instead of sand, you can load the machine with glass beads or walnut shells. It’s gentler and more precise, perfect for etching glass and polishing ceramics.

Our sandblaster, the Econoline pressure feed sandblaster, had been out of commission and needed some heavy work before it could return to the shop. We took it apart, cleaned it out, replaced the plumbing for air, replaced the regulator, replaced the ball valves, and painted the whole thing!

The sandblaster will primarily be used and support our foundry with its special ability to clean iron castings- but will also be used in the metals & and jewelry departments. 

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