We’ve been nominated for the OVies!

We are so humbled and thrilled to announce that The Steel Yard has been nominated for two 2017 OVie awards;

What are the OVies???
In celebration of NeighborWorks Week 2017, “NeighborWorks WORKS!ONE Neighborhood Builders will be presenting 2017 Olneyville OVie Awards: Olneyville’s version of the Oscars.

This red carpet event will take place on Saturday June 10th from 5:00pm-8pm at Fete Music Hall. The purpose of the Olneyville OVies is to recognize and pay tribute to some of the organizations, community stakeholders, and residents that make Olneyville such a great community!

On Monday May 8th, the online voting poll will open. If you love Camp Metalhead and the Halloween Iron Pour as much as we do… BE SURE TO VOTE FOR THE STEEL YARD!

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