The Weld to Work 2019 (Session 2) Grads!

Friday, September 29th, 2019- 6 fabulous and talented individuals graduated from the 2nd Weld to Work session of the season! Congrats!

These graduates are now trained to safely use a MIG,  oxyacetylene torches for bending and cutting, plasma cutters, angle grinders, chop saws, horizontal band saws, drill presses, tape measures and a variety of hand tools- all within the 35-hour training. We’re totally impressed. In addition to learning the practice, each of these individuals built professional and artistic commissioned bike racks to be installed in local communities and neighborhoods.  

Each graduate now qualifies to apply to The Steel Yard’s W2W 2.0 program, a 4-week intensive training in metal fabrication.    The session of W2W was instructed by Lee Corely with TA Devyn Maher! Great job, everyone! 

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