Common Impact, Fidelity & The Yard

Better Systems

the steel yard awarded a joint project grant to work with Common Impact & Fidelity

Earlier this year we launched our brand new website and look- and since then we haven’t stopped making improvements! This time we have both Common Impact & Fidelity to thank for improved systems and updates.

Along with our site’s sleek new design, we’ll soon have a host of features to make your remote interaction with us even more delightful. Just think, registering for classes, and connecting to volunteer projects will be more intuitive. There will be upgrades made to our application forms, community calendar, AND our donation portal. 🙂

We’ve been able to do all of this through a joint project between Common Impact and Fidelity. Together, they’re taking the lead to improve our systems so you’ll have a better experience when visiting us on the web. Common Impact is a nationally recognized non-profit that works with organizations to invest their unique talents towards strengthening local communities. Through Fidelity’s Corporate Citizenship Program, employees have the opportunity to participate in skills-based volunteer projects that endeavor to make a difference where folks live and work.

Thank you, Fidelity, and Common Impact. We couldn’t do it without you – really.

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