We’re thinking of the folks who work over at CommerceRI… They’ve been working tirelessly at breakneck speeds to ensure that businesses in RI have what they need to keep operating.

Sadly for some, we know that it may not be enough – but for us at The Steel Yard – CARES Act funding through Commerce is keeping our workforce apprentices and independent artist contractors working as they create Take It Outside kits for local business. Direct Support and Restore RI support is helping us to engage our community in free and low-cost education while keeping our doors open so that we can continue to design programs and find solutions for ever-shifting community needs. And finally, with support from the Hotel, Arts, and Tourism (HArT) program at Commerce we are able to support our artists and other local business as we host a safely distanced outdoor Holiday Art Market in December. 

Thank you CommerceRI for your heroic efforts! We’re hoping y’all have the best holiday ever.

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