2020-2021 Resident Artists

Meet the 2020-2021 Resident Artists

We welcomed a new group of Residents into the shop this September! These artists came from near and far to use the Yard as their home base to make welded, smithed, thrown, and built artwork. 

Kim Dalton is a young artist currently based out of Providence, RI. Her style is constantly evolving as she plays with mediums, points of view, and style; however, she remains focused on storytelling. 

Justin DillenbackKiln Fellow, is a studio potter who recently relocated to Providence from Vermont. Justin believes that good pottery serves to enhance a person’s daily experience of eating and drinking while simultaneously stimulating mindfulness and togetherness.

Elsa HoffmanAlloy Fellow, has lived and worked as a self-employed wood/metalworker in North Carolina for her entire career. Elsa will spend her time in Providence using a handheld plasma cutter as a drawing tool to create graceful, energetic, loose imagery depicting bountiful flora and snapshots of everyday scenes.

Tom HubbardMerit Fellow, is returning to the Yard for a second year working in our ceramics shop. He’s an interdisciplinary artist whose approach is rooted in his design training. His practice includes ceramics, mixed media and public art installations.

Steven Kaplan-Pistiner & Jarrett Key are artists and makers with community-centric practices and lives. They’re participating as a collaborative team, working in the blacksmithing shop to forge sculptural elements for an upcoming exhibit.

Henry Robinson is a ceramic artist who is joining us for a second year in the Residency program. Henry uses hand-building construction techniques to create sculptural characters; developing a narrative through their form and relationships with one another. 

Ellen RogersMerit Fellow, is a former wildlife veterinarian who uses her art practice to explore the interdependence of humans, animals, and environments. This concept is known as “One Health” in scientific circles; and Ellen creates sculptures that address this symbiosis. 

Rena Rong is a Providence-based interdisciplinary artist. Rena explores and investigates: functional objects infused with an element of play and small-scale sculptures that allude to an alternate reality of biomorphic creatures.

Brendan Rose is a Providence-based architect, artist, and multidisciplinary designer, working in the fields of public art, custom fabrication, and green architecture. Brendan will be spending his time working in the shop fabricating decorative ironwork for a renovation/addition of his family’s home.

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