The Steel Yard is dedicated to supporting individual artists in their pursuit of knowledge and financial independence. For many students our open enrollment courses can be just that; a chance to learn an art form or a trade in a setting that encourages experimentation and personal growth.

We are proud to offer scholarships in all of our teaching departments, which make our open enrollment courses accessible to students who many not otherwise be able to afford this unique industrial arts opportunity.

The Steel Yard offers the following scholarships on an annual basis:

  • The Allyn Scholarship
  • The Heintz Scholarship
  • The Nadeau Scholarship
  • The Kane Scholarship
  • The Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Each award is named in honor of an individual who helped establish the Steel Yard’s core educational departments and who dedicated their time, skill, and resources to the success of these art forms at the Yard, and in the community.


These scholarships are offered on an annual basis to individuals who show a combination of commitment to new or continued learning as well as a need for financial assistance. The award (one full course registration including course materials) may be used towards any class within the designated field of scholarship by the end of the calendar year in which the award was granted. Please note that Steel Yard course enrollment and cancelation policies apply to the course selected by scholarship recipients. This award is neither transferable nor may it be deferred.

Application Requirements

  • A completed cover sheet, including a brief statement of financial need.
  • A personal statement outlining why you wish to be considered, why you are interested in taking a class at the Steel Yard in particular. As well as, what you plan to do with the skills you would gain.


Selection Criteria

The successful applicant must be able to present a compelling argument for consideration and also show verifiable financial need. Candidates may be contacted by a member of the selection committee to follow up on application statements. Although applicants may submit multiple applications, only one scholarship award will be granted to each applicant per calendar year.



Incomplete or partial applications will not be considered.

Please note that this application is via 'Google Forms' and requires applicants to have a google account in order to upload documents; applications should be filled out in one sitting. In order to help you have a smooth application process, click here for a printable application form.

Applicants are also invited to print the application and snail-mail it to: Attention Scholarships, 27 Sims Ave, Providence RI 02909


Applications will be reviewed as received, applicants will be notified within one month of the date that their application has been received.