Troop Takes it Outside! (And You Can Too!)

Troop Takes it Outside!
(And You Can Too!)


By Jenny Sparks, Public Projects Associate Director

This past week, the Public Projects team completed the first installation of one of our “PVD Nos Cuida Afuera/ PVD Cares Outside” kits at one of our favorite local businesses- Troop in Olneyville. Mayor Elorza and the Department of Arts, Culture & Tourism also joined us to celebrate this moment.

These hand-painted kits, which consist of two tents, traffic barriers, string lights, electrical cords, cord covers, and artist-made posters are all unique. The Steel Yard hired twelve different local artists to paint 30 sets. Soon, they will be all over the City, allowing businesses and organizations to operate outside in the fresh air, and under some beautiful artwork. The artists who designed the kits are Savonnara Sok, Spocka Tapia Ysanel,  Emily Harrington, Amber Dauphinee, Casandra Inez, Pablo Youngs, Quinn Corey, Nathan Nadeau, Jose Menendez, Tatiana Gómez. This particular featured kit at Troop was designed and painted by artist Amber Dauphinee.

The kits are free to those who receive them, and are theirs to keep! Providence’s Department of Arts, Culture, and Tourism is managing the application process, and kits are still available. If your business or organization would like one, please click here to learn more about how to apply. 

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