May the FORGE be with you!

Blacksmithing just got that much sweeter here at the Yard! When construction/ remediation of the studios is complete we are not only debuting a brand new space for all your blacksmithing adventures but also a new custom built double gas forge

This newest addition, designed and built by our Studio Managers Ben & Michelle. The new forge is a user-friendly community gas forge and will be a perfect addition to the classroom- and great for anyone looking for a solid introduction for forging- and can handle up to four people working at once!

So…. what’s so cool and unique about this forge? Well, I’m glad you asked! The new forge (still hasn’t been named yet) includes two doors that can be opened and closed during use. This will ensure the forge remains insulate and creates a more stable internal atmosphere. PLUS, these doors make the forge more efficient by retaining heat. 

Annnnnnd that’s not all folks! Ben & Michelle experimented with different building materials. They needed something durable, requiring less longterm repairs and could handle A LOT of wear/tear. They settled on a combination of refractory cement, fiber fraks (kind of like ceramic insulation if you’ve never heard that term)… plus some soft kiln fire bricks! These are really good at insulating high heat but lightweight and easy to work with.

We definitely love our other double gas forge and that one will still be available. Another thing that sets the new forge apart from the old is a matter of FLUX. When blacksmiths forge they use borax… the borax melts and can clog up the forge as well as get what you’re working on dirty. The new forge comes equipped with a built-in and removable drip tray which will make maintenance and clean up a breeze! 

Check out these super cool process shots!

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