Salvaged Seating: Welding Furniture

Salvaged Seating: Welding Furniture









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Do you have an object that you’ve always wanted to repurpose? Something sitting around that whenever you look at it, you have a new idea of what it could be? In this introductory course, we will examine ways of elevating those pieces, and transforming them into a found-object sculpture or piece of salvage furniture. This course aims to make a practical or decorative place for the relics that we hold onto, while also giving your space a piece of furniture with a story that is personal to you.

We will each bring in an object (an antique, an interesting board or sign, part of an old piece of furniture, or something special that you found at a yard sale) and go over the process of joining various materials with metal support structures.

The first class will begin with an introduction to MIG welding, the oxygen-acetylene torch, the plasma cutter, grinders, various metal saws, and the drill press. This will get you up to speed on all of the basic tools necessary for fabricating a unique piece. We will discuss some approaches to each person’s project and spend the following sessions developing and fabricating our pieces. Each person’s approach and techniques will be different so demos of more specialized processes will be given as needed. We will also address finishes and coatings that will make your piece last. All tools and most materials will be included, just bring in an object or two that you want to work and your ideas for its future!


The Steel Yard is located at 27 Sims Avenue, Providence RI 02909


For all courses, students must wear a pair of close-toed shoes like sneakers or boots (no sandals, no flip-flops, no peep-toe pumps). Also, you should dress expecting to get a little dirty. Art is messy. In addition, students in metalworking courses must wear clothes made from either cotton or wool—syn-thetic fabrics like fleece and polyester are not safe near an open flame. Pants are required and long sleeves are recommended. Any clothing that has been frayed is not permitted. The studio is well stocked with heavy-duty welding jackets, but if you have your own, feel free to bring it.


All students are required to fully read the Steel Yard Registration & Enrollment Policies before attending the first class.


The Steel Yard offers scholarships in all of our teaching departments, which make our open enrollment courses accessible to students who may not otherwise be able to afford this unique industrial arts opportunity.