Forged Jewelry: The Scandinavian Shawl Pin (2/4)

Forged Jewelry: The Scandinavian Shawl Pin (2/4)









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The penannular brooch is a jewelry design that dates back two thousand years to several Western European cultures (including the Vikings and the Celts). It is used to fasten knitted garments and cloaks around the neck. But you don’t need to be a historic reenactor or Renaissance Faire enthusiast to enjoy these fun shawl pins. They’re very popular in contemporary fashion as well.

This course is geared towards complete beginners and focuses on the basics of forging with an emphasis on working with thinner diameters and shorter lengths of metal. While this requires less brute strength, students will discover that forging small can be a fussy process with its own particular challenges. Students will learn skills including tapering, twisting, bending, and the creation of small scrolls. Students will also learn to connect separate components (the pin and the brooch) into one functional piece. All tools and materials are provided.


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