Forge a Laminated Scandinavian Utility Knife

Forge a Laminated Scandinavian Utility Knife











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During this two-day knife making class, you’ll use a process called “forge welding” to create a three-layer laminated steel knife with soft mild steel on the outside and hard carbon steel in the center to produce a durable edge. This traditional Norwegian/Scandinavian design includes a hidden tang construction.

This Scandinavian knife style is for general use, including bushcraft, whittling, fire starting, cooking, eating, hunting, and more. You should leave with a finished knife blade about 3-4″ long, plus tang.

This course will provide a basic knowledge of forge welding different grades of steel together with the end result being a hidden-tang knife. You should leave with a finished knife blade about 3-4″ long, plus tang. Some students may have time to start (or perhaps finish) a second knife depending on their experience level.

The first day will include a blacksmith “warm up” where you’ll learn some of the basics by forging a simple nail before moving on to knife forging. On the second day, you’ll finish your knife. The last half of the second day is reserved for instruction on the hardening and tempering process, and finally sharpening.

This is not a beginner class; previous forging experience is required. Completion of a Fundamentals of Blacksmithing or equivalent course at The Steel Yard is required.  If you have any questions about eligibility, please email

There’s a fair amount of intermediate-to-advanced-level information that the students need to learn to be successful. There will not be sufficient time to accommodate beginner-level students. For students with previous forging experience, forge welding mild steel to high-carbon steel remains a tricky art that will require patience and confidence. Don’t worry! We’ll be there to help you get across the finish line.