Registration & Enrollment Policies


General Information

  • Tuition prices for all open enrollment courses already reflect a subsidy of up to 50% of the true cost.
  • All Courses are open to beginners unless otherwise noted.
  • Students must be 15 years or older. Anyone under 18 will need liability waiver and photo release forms signed by their legal guardian to participate in the course.
  • All tools and materials are provided unless otherwise noted.  Students who wish to do larger projects may have to pay additional material costs.
  • Students must dress appropriately to work in the studio.
  • Students must make full course tuition payment to reserve a space in the course. To learn how to register, please scroll down. 
  • Safety and respect are priority; students must meet the Student Behavior Expectations to participate in Steel Yard courses.
  • The Steel Yard reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or change the instructor for any course. Please scroll down learn more about our course changes and cancelation policy.
  • Students wishing to withdrawal, transfer or receive full tuition credit must do so 10 business days before the first day of class. To learn more about our policy please scroll down.
  • If you think you will be late or will miss a class, make sure to give notice ahead of time to make sure you are not jeopardizing your course enrollment.
  • There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups, or deferments for missed classes or for students who are late. 


  • To register online, you must first create a user account.  Click the Register for an account button, or if you are a returning visitor, click Log In.  Fill out your e-mail address, and follow the instructions sent in the activation e-mail to that account (don't forget to check your spam folder!).  Fill out your information, and click Register.  If you are purchasing a course for someone other than yourself, use the Add an Extra Contact button.
    When you choose the class or classes you are interested in taking, click the Register button on that course description page.  When you are done shopping, click Checkout, and you will be taken to a secure PayPal checkout page.   From here, you may use an existing PayPal account, or if you'd rather, pay with a credit card or bank account by hiting the Continue button.  
  • We don’t currently accept American Express.

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  • To register by phone, call our office, [401] 273-7101
  • To register by mail, download our {{document:Course Registration Form{{.
  • Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • If a course has been "Waitlisted" that means registration is currently closed.  If anyone who has registers cancells their enrollment, the spot will become available to the first person who is on the waitlist. 
  • The only way to reserve a space in a course is to register and pay the tuition in full. 

Safety and Student Behavior Expectations

  • The Steel Yard thrives on providing a welcoming place to learn and work. Students are expected to respect each other, the instructor, the shop and the organization. 
  • Students must abide to shop policies.To review these, pleae download our Studio_Guidebook (pdf)
  • Anyone in violation thesafety and student behavior expectations can be subject to consequences, including, but not limited to, immediate dismissal from classes without refund.

What To Wear

  • Natural Fibers, no synthetic materials.
  • Boots or shoes that cover your entire foot.
  • Long pants.
  • Dress to get dirty.
  • Dressing in layers is recommended.
  • Students will be emailed any specific clothing needs for their course.
  • For more information visit our Courses FAQ

Course Changes and Cancelation Policy

  • The Steel Yard reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or change the instructor for any course.
  • In instances of inclement weather or last minute emergencies, the Steel Yard staff will do their best to contact students ahead of time and to reschedule effected class(es).
  • Courses may be canceled due to insufficient enrollments.  Depending on the media and process, some courses require a minimum number of students to run successfully. In addition, because all our open enrollment courses are subsidized, a minimum number of enrollments are needed to cover course expenses.
  • If a course is canceled, enrolled students will receive a full refund or tuition credit.
  • Refunds due to canceled courses will be processed within 10 days of cancelation.

Withdrawal, Transfer, and Tuition Credit

  • Students wishing to withdraw from a course must do so at least 10 business days before the first day of class to receive a full refund, less a $40 withdrawal administrative fee. 
  • No portion of tuition will be refunded or transferred if a withdrawal is made less than 10 business days before the start of the class. There are no exceptions.
  • Course registrations are not transferable to other students, unless a request is made at least 10 business days before the first day of the course originally registered for.
  • Students can transfer to another course, or receive full tuition credit if the request is made at least 10 business days before the first day of the course they originally registered for.
  • Any refund or credit due after withdrawal can be applied to enrollment in a different class.

Late and Missed Class Policy

  • Our courses cover safety and process information that builds on learning, thus student consistency in attendance is recommended and in some cases required to continue in the course.
  • The first day of class covers important safety information and must be attended by all students.
  • Please notify the instructor and/or the Steel Yard as soon as you know you might miss a class.
  • Students who miss required course days may be removed from the course without refund.
  • There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups, or deferments for missed classes or for students who are absent or late. 

Questions? Email us at: or call the office at (401) 273-7101.