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Open Studios/Studio Access

Open Studios

For the working metal artist or experienced maker, we provide access to our metal shop beyond our classes.  One of the most popular ways to get back into our studio is through Open Studios, offered every Thursday and Friday afternoon and Sunday evenings during our regular course seasons. Click here to view the calendar to see specific dates and times; be sure to check our homepage for unexpected cancellations. Open Studios are an affordable way to have access our tools and equipment as well as the supervision of an experienced studio monitor.  It's a great way to finish what you worked on in class, or start a brand new project. 

Open Studio participants have access to the same tools and equipment we use in welding, blacksmithing, and jewelry classes; including MIG welders, ARC welders, use of the forges and blacksmithing tools, oxyacetylene torches, grinders, a metal chop saw, horizontal band saw, and many small hand tools. All this for just $30.00 per 3-hour session! Payment is dues at the time of studio use, and is limited to exact cash or check.

Open Studio sessions are available to current and past Steel Yard students.  

Before your first Open Studio session, you must contact our office to register. Registration is a free, one-time-only process and must be completed at least three days before you plan to access Open Studios. Contact to register.

Day & Hourly Shop Rental

Do you need more time and space than Open Studios provides?  We also have daytime studio rental rates.  The daytime program is great for individuals that would like to have the shop to themselves or to work on bigger projects that are more difficult to accomplish during regular Open Studios. These rental times are available to experienced metal workers only, as there is no monitor in the shop.  You'll have access to all the same tools, with more room to work!  Contact our studio director Wright at to get more information and schedule access.

Youth Open Studios

Any high school student who has completed one or more of our youth programs in metalworking are invited to attend Open Studio sessions free of charge. Students can work on their own projects and spend time experimenting in our shop with the support and guidance of artists and instructors. Contact Islay, , for more information. Check the Calendar for days and times. Cancellations wil be posted on our home page.