Make A Request

Our priority commitment is to public access. For this reason, the Steel Yard’s focus is mostly on Public Requests. We design projects and build work for locations which are accessible to the public. As a result, the bulk of those we work with are municipalities, neighborhood and business associations and community non-profits. Our involvement might take the form of volunteer activity, providing access to our site, providing design build services, or most often, through a specific urban furniture project. PUBLIC REQUESTS are typically defined as those that benefit the general public in some way. Examples include: trash or recycling receptacles for a neighborhood street or park, a public sculpture or decorative fence for a community garden!

Since we are always interested in seeing creative solutions to design problems, and believe in keeping local artists employed, we maintain an active jobs board that links private clients with independent contractors. Private requests are typically commissioned projects that are intended for a private business or home and for which access will be limited. For all requests that do NOT benefit the general public, please consider filling out our PRIVATE REQUEST form.

IMPORTANT: The Steel Yard reviews these requests on a rolling basis. After you submit, someone from our staff will contact you shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions please contact us at or call the office at 401-273-7101