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Fire Camp 06/14/2015 -

Mark your calendar, FIRE CAMP will be happening before you know it! And, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to recieve updates about this and future events.

Once again, we will be firing up the forges and the iron furnace on June 14th for our third annual Fire Camp.  This event will feature hands-on mold making, attendees will have a chance to purchase a sand mold, which can then be scratched into to create unique designs, patterns, or images. Customized scratch molds will be cast in iron during the event, and be cleaned and ready to take home to decorate your garden or tabletop. During the event there will be exhibits explaining the process and artists and artisans on hand to answer your questions.

Fire Camp Poster 2015

Fire Camp will also include an Industrial Yard Sale that is sure to turn some heads! There will be guided tours of our studios, demonstrations of some of our other departments and treats sold by local vendors.