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Event(s) for October 4

Metalworking Open Studios 09/25/2009 6:30 PM – 10/08/2009 9:30 PM

Welding Bike

For the working metal artist or experienced maker, we provide access to our metal shop beyond our classes.  One of the most popular ways to get back into our studio is through the semi-weekly Open Studios.  Open Studios are an affordable way to have access our tools and equipment as well as the supervision of an experienced studio monitor.  It's a great way to finish what you worked on in class, or start a brand new project. 

Open Studio participants have access to the same tools and equipment we use in classes, including MIG welders, ARC welders, use of the forges and blacksmithing tools, oxyacetylene torches, grinders, a metal chop saw, horizontal band saw, and many small hand tools. All this for just $20.00 per 3-hour session!

Open Studio sessions are available to current and past Steel Yard students. If you haven't taken a class, but are experienced in metalworking and would like to use Open Studios, contact our Studio Manager, .

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